What is SEO and what is the difference to Local SEO?

What is SEO and what is the difference to Local SEO

What is SEO and what is the difference to Local SEO?

This is one of the four most frequently asked questions with regard to SEO, and in this article, I will elucidate you so that you know if the local SEO is a good bet for your business. Let’s find out What is SEO and what is the difference to Local SEO? I am going to take advantage of, if it is to be, to lead you in the right direction in order to get the best rankings in the rankings as early as 2018.

The 4 most frequently asked questions about Local SEO

But first I will clarify the concepts:

Local search results

In recent years, Google has been reviewing its results pages to prioritize local businesses in the results list. The reason is simple, Google users like to see local business as a result presented to certain searches. Let’s look at the following example..

If I’m walking down the street and want to find a nearby coffee shop, I’ll google search for something similar to “Nearest Coffee”. Next, my smartphone will display the coffees that are close to my location, along with useful information such as the phone number, the times, the address and, very relevant today, the “criticism”.

Caption: Local SEO Results for “Nearest Coffee”

According to Ed Parsons , Google’s geospatial technologist, “About 1 in 3 searches that people simply do in Google’s standard search bar are about locations, in order to find out more about locations …”

It is likely that you have already done this type of research, which means that even if you do not know, you are already somehow familiar with local SEO.

Now that we’re clear on the subject, let’s turn to FAQ’s. “What is the local SEO and what is the difference between local SEO and traditional SEO?

You may not even know how it works, but you’re already familiar with the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) concept, if you do not have an article on ” What is SEO ” here. But in a nutshell: It’s the process of getting the highest possible ranking for a page on your website on Google to search for terms relevant to the business. But, the local SEO has a small nuance. Instead of focusing exclusively on your website , you’ll also focus on your Google My Business profile page. This is because Google shows business pages (along with a map that shows the location of the business) when searching for location-focused terms.

For example, if you search for “dentist near me” you will see, again, what I am referring to. A map will appear in the upper right corner and dentists’ names, addresses, phone numbers, and reviews appear right at the top of the first Google results page.

Answering the question, the difference between local SEO and traditional SEO is that to compete in local SEO it is necessary to optimize not only your website but also your Google My Business page.

How can I force Google to show local results?

One of the most frustrating aspects of local SEO is that Google does not always show business profiles on the results pages. So another FAQ is how can I force Google to show the map in the results and not just the list of websites?

Unfortunately, the answer is that you can not …

If you search for a relevant keyword and Google does not show the map with business profile pages, there’s no way to force it. The solution is to instead optimize a website page through traditional SEO tactics.

For this reason, it’s important to always check the Google results page for the relevant search terms before starting a local SEO campaign. If Google does not rank Google My Business profile pages, local SEO is not the best approach. Of course, when searches include terms associated with a location, you are almost forcing local business to emerge. It is the difference between searching SEO Consultant or SEO Consultant Hyderabad.

What types of companies can use local SEO?

Click here to read the full Google guidelines for listing your business on Google . Of course, the local SEO is not appropriate for 100% online business and it is easy to understand why. Simply because there is no location for customers to visit.

Think of how annoying it would be to see online businesses listed when you were looking for the nearest coffee shop. The goal is to go to the place and drink a coffee, do not order coffee capsules.

The basic rule is that the local SEO is a good opportunity for any company that interacts personally with clients. If there is not a physical store, betting on location SEO is typically not a good option..

How can I compete in cities and locations outside my physical location?

With the local SEO, the location of your office or store is a big factor in the ranking algorithm. Again, think about it from the perspective of the person you are looking for. If I look for coffees in Hyderabad, then I do not care to see coffees that are in Secunderabad.

Google knows this and that is why the location of the person researching versus the actual location of the business is such an important factor in the local SEO.

This means you’ll have the best results and advantages when your potential customers are searching in locations close to your business.

The further the research, the less chance you have of getting well ranked. It’s not impossible to rate yourself for cities outside the physical location of your business (you can, for example, by creating pages on the site for the location of the destination), but it is essential that you understand the hard battle you face with local SEO. If business is the same everywhere, then the one closest to the person you are researching will have an advantage.

Now You understand the difference of What is SEO and what is the difference to Local SEO. Do you Want help with Local SEO? Over the years I have specialized in helping small businesses to be found in local search results. If you want to get help with Local SEO Freelancer Specialist, contact me right now

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