How to Create an Address Verification In Google Adsense

How to Create an Address Verification In Google Adsense

How to Create an Address Verification In Google Adsense – Many who began his career as a blogger to generate additional income or passive income. One way to make money with a blog is through Google Adsense.

To be honest, I myself do not know how any article Google Adsense and what I get is from my own reading and experience.

Before this, I would tell you this blog to get a full account of Google Adsense . I passed with difficult but managed to get a full account in November 2015. There may be a Google Adsense account get easily either through the purchase of middlemen and so on. But I am tired of shouting and care about the experience that I went through to get the full Google Adsense account.

After about 3 months I have a Google Adsense account, I get an email from Google to confirm the address.

Confirmation of address will be required when the accumulated amount has reached a certain level. This verification is to verify the address for payment by check. In addition, it is also one of the branches of the security practiced by the Google.

On 18 February 2016, an e-mail address to ask for confirmation has been received. In the e-mail telling, a letter with the PIN will be mailed to the address listed in my Google Adsense account me.

On March 6, 2016, letter from the Google has been received. This letter takes about 3 weeks to get home.
In this letter there is a special PIN number to be entered into your Google Adsense account.

How to Create an Address Verification In Google Adsense

Log into your Google Adsense account
You will be notified to confirm address Google Adsense
Or go to Account Settings in the top right. Enter the PIN you received in your Account Information on the ‘ Verify Address ‘
You are given 3 attempts to enter the PIN number. If you fail 3 times, Google Adsense account will be suspended.
But if you correctly receive a letter and a PIN number, there should not be any problem to verify this address.
After entering the PIN, press Subimt PIN. finished

These are some of my sharing about Google Adsense . May be useful for those who are just getting familiar with Google Adsense 🙂

Now just wait for the time to cashout and at the same time always comply with the terms and conditions of Google Adsense .

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