13 Techniques to Increase Online Sales in 2017

13 Techniques to Increase Online Sales in 2017

13 Techniques to Increase Online Sales in 2017

Online entrepreneurs have made their own list of the most effective and most common sales growth techniques that have worked in recent years. All you have to do is apply them on your own skin to convince you of their effectiveness.

Analyze open e-mail messages
Statistics show that today, about one-third of mail messages are first opened on mobile. Therefore, if you register a good rate of open mail, but with a low clickthrough rate on your message, you should also keep in mind that people are less willing to do so from your mobile phone. Choose this segment of users and send them targeted messages.

Registration messages on site
Many online users sign up to get some products, but without becoming frequent visitors to a site. Try to fix this situation by offering a reward if it completes the registration on the site with all the data. As for the reward, it can be a discount or a promotional product of choice at a symbolic price.

Prepare landing pages well
To support your efforts to turn visitors into buyers, you should test different landing pages where users first contact a particular product. This way, you can separate them through different promotion campaigns or propagation handouts.

Granting bonuses
You will not be spoiled for bonuses. A small reward for purchasing a product could be appreciated even better than two products at the same price, giving the newfound sense and the importance of the buyer.

Enable verification messages
User activation tests can be performed at different time intervals, regardless of whether they are small, medium or long. For example, you can start an activation campaign by sending warning messages every 4-5 days after which a user becomes inactive.

Confirming orders via email
It is a good thing that the success of a sales operation and the discussions about it take place, first of all, by e-mail. This is a good opportunity for your marketing team to enter “call to action” messages in response messages. Along with these, you can promote your last blog post or download the latest offers on the site.

Test the “Call to Action”
The response level of call-to-action campaigns depends on many factors in the life cycle of consumers. For example, if a conspirator is still in the phase of discovering this type of message, he will be tempted to read about them rather than apply by buying now.

Behavioral analysis of the consumer
The attitude of the buyer to a product or service is an essential element in receiving a response to your promotional messages.
If a user registers to try a new feature of a product, they may be more responsive to a relevant blog article than other messages you send them.

Measure the rate of opening the messages
Linking online marketing measurements to real-time business can give you insight into future campaigns. Therefore, the next time you want to test the opening rate of your messages, try to track their total conversion into sales.

Optimize your email and website for call-to-action campaigns
The benefits of call-to-action campaigns are known when they are found on the main page of a site or blog. We can also insert these messages in their most visited sections to maximize the number of users’ conversions in buyers.

Adding deep links
More than two-thirds of incoming emails are open on mobile devices. To improve conversion rates, we should insert links to specific application locations instead of opening the app every time a user contacts us.

Reinventing content
Every time you work on site content, you should also think about different ways of distributing messages about the products you want to make use of. Thus, in addition to the presentation, you can build a blog post, plus a presentation clip for example.

Audience diversification
Customers typically look for relevant product information, but they do not back up when they find fun and entertainment news related to them. Therefore, a facebook page, in which you post short but interesting messages, can help you turn visitors into buyers.

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