10 Essential Tips for Being a Successful Freelance Programmer!

10 Essential Tips for Being a Successful Freelance Programmer

10 Essential Tips for Being a Successful Freelance Programmer!

10 Essential Tips for Being a Successful Freelance Programmer: The market for freelancers only grows, and with that comes the classic question: how to stand out !? Find it now!

Facing a freelance career can seem like a challenge, especially at the beginning, when you have questions about how to win customers and where to find them. But do not worry: by following some essential tips you can be a successful programmer working with freelancers! Want to know how?

1. Make yourself your own brand
As the number of freelancers does not stop growing , it is reasonable that you want to stand out. For this, it is important to think of your work as the main business card. Be proactive and strategic in spreading what you do. Use social networks, fan pages and blogs to advertise your portfolio, for example.

2. Up-to-date Portfolio
It is worth remembering that the portfolio needs to be ALWAYS up to date . Add up your recent work and the ones you think are good at catching the eye and catching the customer. Please update frequently.

3. “How do I find work?”
The Workana , for example, is an excellent platform to find customers. There are numerous projects published there daily and you will have a range of options to choose from and apply for the ones that fit the most that you know how to do.

One of the great advantages of being a SEO Freelancer is being able to choose who you want to work with, when and where. At Workana, you find the right people and projects for your profile.

4. Submit proposals
When you register, research frequently available opportunities. Workana is an active and busy platform, there are programming projects being published all day. There are professionals who work exclusively with Workana clients, and there is never a lack of work ūüėČ

Always separate some time of day to submit new proposals , present your portfolio and tell why you are the right person for the project. If you have questions about values, use the freela calculator , an excellent tool that will give you a light when it comes to charging for your work.

5. Be Responsive
Be available to talk to your client. When it comes to freelancing, there is the facility of dealing with time in a different way than you would be able to if you were in a fixed job.

So send answers and ask questions as soon as possible so that your client feels that you are really interested in working on your project. Focus on good communication with the customer.

6. Meet deadlines and loyalty
Your customer is sure to look for you more often if you comply with deadlines and guidelines. Of course you can also give tips and suggestions that add more value to the project, but remember to deliver to your customer your best. Be also, always according to what he desires.

At Workana you get a rating and you can also rate the customer and tell what the experience was like.

7. Get Organized
Programmers who work as freelancers need to have time for everything! Divide your time between projects, always putting a few more minutes to make sure that you will handle every project and task of the day.

8. Time for you
This is also mega important, but a lot of people forget: take breaks during your work to avoid the weariness of your body and mind.

Burnout syndrome, for example, or back pain on account of poor posture are things that should be avoided for you to earn a lot more and not suffer when working at home office .

9. Do not stop on the track!
Set your focus and dedicate yourself! Professionals who stop in the middle of the road and never update themselves end up being left out. Clients perceive when a professional is up to date in their area of ‚Äč‚Äčexpertise. And when we talk about programming, you need to have full knowledge and mastery of languages ‚Äč‚Äčand on which platforms they are used.

Do research, and especially take online courses
Watch channels and videos focused on programming
Participate in Workshops
Anyway, keep up with content that enriches and gives you even more background.

10. Networking
In addition to continuing to study, stay active in forums and groups with other professionals working in the same niche and activity as you. So you stay on top of news and updates, and share experiences.

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